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    Navigating Privacy Challenges in the AI Era !! The surge in cloud-hosted AI software has ignited crucial conversations about data privacy. In response, a detailed framework paves the way out to help users navigate varying levels of data protection. Under the framework, privacy can be categorized into four tiers: Within each level, intricacies abound. For…

  • Navigating the New Frontier: Recent Trends in Regulating AI

    Navigating the New Frontier: Recent Trends in Regulating AI

    As Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues its rapid evolution, policymakers and industry leaders are grappling with the imperative to regulate its use responsibly. In recent years, AI has transformed industries, offering unprecedented opportunities for efficiency, productivity, and innovation. However, concerns about its potential misuse, bias, and impact on privacy and employment have prompted calls for robust…

  • Forward Focus

    Forward Focus

    Surpassing all expectations, the Property & Casualty (P&C) Insurance Market has soared beyond imagination. According to a Global Market Insights report, it surpassed the monumental milestone of USD 1.8 trillion in 2023. With projections forecasting an impressive growth trajectory of over 5.5% between 2024 and 2032, the sheer magnitude of these figures compels us to…

  • Identify Factors Contributing to Social Inflation

    Identify Factors Contributing to Social Inflation

    Michael Bruton | Chief Product Officer, Set a Baseline For Settlements & Risk Claim portfolio managers searching for answers to the Social Inflation challenge should start by developing a repeatable methodology for measuring the impact of Social Inflation on a specific claim portfolio. By accounting for the other factors, such as change in the claim…

  • Leverage AI to Reduce Social Inflation

    Leverage AI to Reduce Social Inflation

    Experienced claim portfolio managers can identify the micro level factors and the strategy for addressing the challenge. Advances in technology can improve execution of the strategy driving improved outcomes.

  • Why Nuclear Verdicts Matter

    Why Nuclear Verdicts Matter

    Regardless of your view on whether these verdicts are good or bad there is no dispute that they have an impact far beyond the specific parties involved in the case. These large verdicts echo through the entire economy. 

  • Know Your Contracts

    Know Your Contracts

    Using third parties can provide significant flexibility and efficiency but when an organization relies on third parties, the organization is exposed to risk and potential liability based upon the actions of those third parties.  

  • What Unknown Risks Lurk In Your Contracts

    What Unknown Risks Lurk In Your Contracts

    If you do not know what risks you have accepted or shifted through contracts, you may only learn about exposure when it is too late. What can you do to proactively manage contract risk?

  • Mitigating Knowledge Transfer Risk

    Mitigating Knowledge Transfer Risk

    It is well documented that a significant portion of the insurance industry workforce is rapidly approaching retirement. The industry faces a dual risk of not only finding sufficient interested candidates to fill jobs that will become available on retirement but also with replacing the knowledge and experience that departs when long term employees retire. 

  • Automating Extraction and Conversion of Unstructured Data 

    Automating Extraction and Conversion of Unstructured Data 

    The automated extraction and conversion of unstructured data found in primary source documents, reports, records and other medium to structured data that can be used for analysis is the most significant step in the evolution of data analytics.

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